Our mission is to transform the traditional traveling experience into an immersive mixed reality, creatively inspiring, and engaging platform for travelers of any age
Immersive experience with our AR app when you are traveling around the world
Travel through world's famous locations solo or with friends & family
Smart entertainment and learning by enabling extended reality across AR/VR/MR


Relook is a mixed reality metaverse for travelers around the World.

Our mission is to transform the traditional traveling experience into an immersive one, combining aspects of web3, digital art, physical sights and historic heritage structures, augmented/virtual reality, blockchain technology with the ability to virtually travel with others, capture and share the bright moments of the journey in person or virtually into NFTs.

The Acropolis of Athens
The Acropolis of Athens The Acropolis of Athens


Consumers are hungry for traveling around the world again and want to get rejuvenated with new experiences and see more than just a sight or a few ruins.

Many consumers have no possibility to travel physically due to several economic, social or health constrains.


We are building an immersive, creatively inspiring, and engaging platform for travelers of any age.

  • Physical travelers with AR can point a camera at the building/area and see how the sight looks now or in its heyday (a historically photo-realistic 3D model) and capture those moments in a photo/video.
  • Virtual travelers with VR will have an amazing immersive experience and capture those moments in a photo/video.


Our approach reinforces the main purpose of traveling – smart entertainment and learning.

This immersive experience will allow people to:

  • travel around the world together
  • discover heritage that has disappeared
  • switch between epochs and see how the world once looked like
  • in the process learn history and its legends supported by AI

Enjoy discovering the digital and physical worlds and move seamlessly between the two.

We believe that this will develop new skills of curiosity, history literacy, and technology awareness.

The Acropolis of Athens


Import/create an avatar and buy accessories
Capture moments with the AR app
  • Mint the NFT
  • Keep the NFT
  • List it on marketplace
  • Share it on social media


Travel through world's famous locations solo or with friends & family.

Revisit places you have been, taken photos with the Relook AR app, and see all the NFTs you and others minted of those places.

  • Import/create an avatar
  • Buy accessories
  • Capture moments in VR
  • Mint the NFT
  • Keep the NFT
  • List it on marketplace
  • Share it on social media


  • Make a photo/video in front of a building/area as it looks now or in its heyday
  • Mint NFT photo/video with your real look or with an avatar
  • List NFT on marketplace
  • Share NFT marketplace link with family, friends and followers
  • Get Relook rewards by number of likes of the shared NFT
  • Upload an existing NFT avatar or create your own
  • Use AR/VR accessories
  • Auction of virtual land around sights/area
  • Internet of Senses: integration with ultra-sensors and gadgets to help travelers touch, taste and feel
  • Travel together with family, friends and followers
  • Virtual guide and concierge based on AI
  • Reach new/existing customers via virtual advertisements & ecommerce
  • Smart Analysis: publish, manage and monitor the progress of your content
  • New socialverse dimension: users/writers/devs/artists can publish content (text – e.g. guides, 3D models, 2D photo/video) to gain exposure to a wider audience and get rewards for likes, shares and comments
  • Walkthrough


Relook walkthrough process

Many places offer well-preserved heritage which can be viewed only from outside.

This AR/VR function will empower users to walk inside the buildings (e.g. a castle), places/areas and enjoy surroundings with lost artifacts in history-steeped places.

Listening to audio/video guides and making photos/videos will breathe new life to your stories that can be shared on social networks.

The photorealistic historically authentic 3D artifacts and in-built navigation will guarantee you an unforgettable visit.

This feature inspires collaborations with artists and conduct VR exhibitions to showcase their collections at new locations.


Download the prototype demo app! This prototype shows some models of buildings being created in Unreal 5 and allow you to walk through.

  • 01 Install TestFlight on iOS
  • 02 Request an invitation link from us
  • 03 Tap on the link and choose view in TestFlight to install the app
Relook main screen mobile
Relook walkthrough process


  • Protocol/API/SDK for content creators, integrators and metaverse interoperability
  • Content creators can write content/guides for each of the buildings/areas and get rewarded in relook tokens based on number of likes/shares/comments
  • The Protocol/API/SDK allows developers/artists to create 3D models of new buildings/areas/heritage objects, props, upload them to the platform and get rewarded in relook tokens based on:
    • NFTs sold that have the developers/artists creations on it
    • number of likes/shares/comments
  • Content creators will get rewarded 5% of the NFT sale platform fee (in relook tokens), for every photo that is NFT and sold by a user with the content creator asset

We will enable travellers to view and walkthrough the 3D model of the sight and cultural heritage despite its age, via mobile phone, tablet, VR-helmet, AR-glasses, and web-AR.

Below are some of the example sights that we are reconstructing.


Ukrainian cultural heritage was damaged due to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022.

UNESCO Condemns at least 53 Ukraine Cultural Sites Damaged in Russia Invasion so far.

Some of our team are Ukrainians and it's a huge tragedy therefore we have decided to add the destroyed Ukrainian sights to the list of sights we will be reconstructing globally.

We will be reconstructing some of the main damaged historic buildings as well as other cultural heritage objects.

We will reconstruct main sites and make authentic photo realistic 3D models.

The return from sales of this NFTs by the users can be donated to contribute for the reconstruction of this buildings and for the creation of more 3D models.

The platform fees for this transactions will be used to create more 3D models and for all related operational costs.

Due to the shelling, a part of the Svyatogorsk Lavra, the St. George Skete, was destroyed. The photo is published by the Donetsk diocese of the UOC. This is a church that was built in the 19th century on the model of the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl in Vladimir. In the photo - how it looked before and after the destruction.


This is a call to all Ukrainian people that want to get involved in helping Relook to reconstruct the lost Ukrainian heritage buildings and touristic sights.

If you are a dev (3D, UNREAL 5, AR/VR, React and web3, RUST) graphics designer 2D/3D, tester, project manager, marketing, community builder, tokenomics experts, etc... PLEASE do contact us to see how you can get involved.

If you aren't Ukrainian and want to get involved pls get in touch, we welcome everyone.

Drop us an email at [email protected] and tell us in just one single paragraph how you could to get involved.


H2 2021

  • Idea
  • Product concept
  • Roadmap

H1 2022

  • War in Ukraine displaced the team
  • Regrouping and Reforming
  • Change and Enhance Product Concept
  • Update Roadmap
  • Start Prototype

H2 2022

  • Legal Structure
  • Build Deck/Website
  • Prototype Release Alpha
  • Start Raising
  • Start Smart Contracts Dev
  • AR App Release Beta
  • NFT Platform Release Beta
  • TGE, Token Listing

H1 2023

  • AR App Release v1 for testing
  • VR Metaverse Release Alpha
  • AR App Release v1
  • API/SDK Release v1
  • Smart Travel AI Release v1

H2 2023

  • VR Metaverse Release Beta
  • Web Version Release v1
  • VR Metaverse Release v1 for testing
  • API/SDK Release v2

H1 2024

  • Smart Travel AI Release v2
  • VR Metaverse Release v1
  • Land Auction
  • DAO/Governance


Anastasia Ruzhyna
Anastasia Ruzhyna CEO & Co-Founder
Fernando Martinho
Fernando Martinho Tech Guru & Co-Founder
Nikita Uginchus
Nikita Uginchus Sr Unreal Engine Dev
Nox Kubar
Nox Kubar Graphics Designer
Oleksandra Kiselova
Oleksandra Kiselova 3D Devs Lead
Volodymyr Golembivskyi
Volodymyr Golembivs'kyi
Raziye Selekoglu
Raziye Selekoglu UX UI Graphics Designer
Oleksii Grebeshkov
Oleksii Grebeshkov QA